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Welcome to a new era in the delivery of Financial Services.......

When a group of leading Financial Advisors came together, we all shared the same vision to create a company that genuinely cares about its clients and is passionate about helping you achieve your financial goals....(read more) 

Unique to Planwise - the Youth Protection Plan

The Youth Protection Plan is only available through Planwise - it is a result of our hard work, research and development that we can provide this valuable life line. For the price of a cup of coffee per week you could put in place some certainly for your young person's life!  This benefit can be passed over to your son or daughter for their future with premiums that remain fixed at the rate of a 16 year old until they reach age 65! 

Please contact us directly to discuss taking this up for your son or daughter.  Wondering about the process?  it is really quick and easy!


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